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  • YES Satellite Receiving System - S1, S2, S3 and UHF Bands are covered in 4 different models.

  • 6 indepentdent satellite receiver modules combined in a single Unit. Each receiver module can be set to receive different channels from various Satellites.

  • Cascadable units to increase the number of channels.

  • Ku and C Band selectable.

  • Operation functions can be easily adjusted by user friendly menu structure and LCD display.

  • Independent Contrast and Audio adjustments for each channel.

  • SMPS - Switch Mode Power Supply (90-250VAC)

  • 3 Decoder connections - 2xSCART and 1xD type.

  • Easy setup - UHF and A/V Monitor outputs are provided for easy installation.

  • 18VDC can be externally applied to every LNB inputs.

  • Modular Systems - Easy servicing and maintenance.

  • Remote control of all functions by a PC (optional)

  • Double side bands

  • Video and audio demodulations PLL

  • External gain adjustment

  • Automatic frequency searching

  • Continues sound control



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